Webonboarding revolutionises a manual employee onboarding process by automating the steps between recruitment, HR and the new hire. Candidates have a smooth onboarding journey with one place to manage their process from any device. HR and recruitment oversee all processes and tasks from a single system to make sure that onboardees have an outstanding experience as they join the company.

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Category: Employee onboarding

Revolutionise your employee onboarding process

Webonboarding is a cloud-based platform that manages the onboarding journey from offer through to day-one in a job.

Companies can use the system to:

  • Provide contracts
  • Collect digital signatures
  • Capture data through forms
  • Collate required documents
  • Supply essential information to new hires
  • Manage their internal task lists
  • Email reminders to all users

The platform brings together all aspects of the onboarding journey in one place so that companies can provide a streamlined but customised onboarding journey to their selected candidates. It removes the need for constant referencing to shared spreadsheets, manual emails, posting information and chasing for items to be completed.

Why Webonboarding?

The typical challenges that Webonboarding customers are facing before they use the system are:

  • Managing compliance processes for new starters
  • Time wasted in creating onboardee paperwork and chasing information
  • Poor engagement from new employees as they start their careers
  • Incomplete processes - either in the form of missing paperwork or internal tasks not being completed (e.g. equipment not being ready)
  • Inaccurate information
  • Large volumes of processes to manage

As a growing company, with more than 1,000 employees across six sites, Kinnerton were finding it increasingly challenging to effectively manage new hires using a traditional paper-based approach. The switch to Webonboarding means the whole process is now managed via an online portal, allowing incoming employees to instantly access paperwork and to sign documents digitally.

"We can now send out a contract to somebody on a Friday and have everything signed, completed and ready for them to start on a Monday morning".

– HR Business Partner - Kinnerton Confectionary

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Price plans

Pricing based on the number of expected onboardees per year.

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