Webexpenses is a leading expense management and invoice processing provider. With 24/6 in-house support, Webexpenses is more than just software - our team is on hand to help. Webexpenses help businesses save time, reduce costs, minimise errors, and improve the visibility of company spend with ease.

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Category: Expenses

Expense management on the go

Expense management with Webexpenses, users have the ability to track, submit, approve and report expenses on the go, via desktop or app.

Features of expense management:

  • Google Vision-powered OCR tecnology
  • Webexpenses mobile app
  • Automated policy compliance
  • Real-time reporting
  • Petty cash management
  • Intelligent receipt and card matching
  • Mileage tracking and verification
  • Custom system configuration
  • ERP integration


Invoice processing

Webexpenses invoice processing software automates the supplier invoice process and eliminates 90% of the manual accounts payable process.

Features of invoice processing:

  • Automatic data capture
  • Complete PO automation
  • Instant matching
  • Quick delivery
  • Integrated processing
  • Multi-format support
  • Automate Amazon Business invoice processing

Why Webexpenses?

  • Custom configured system to meet your specific business requirements and with a dedicated account manager to make sure you're satisfied
  • 24/6 support is easily accessible and available to all users at no extra cost. Support is in-house from our global teams, which offers further protection of sensitive data by eliminating the need for third-party access. Plus, higher user adoption and satisfaction
  • Fair and transparent pricing with no hidden fees. With expense management benefit from per-user pricing
  • Only pay for active users each month
  • Scalable in both infrastructure and product updates. Our in-house dev team releases over 100+ updates and feature upgrades per year. The best part? Your feedback is part of our product development process.

"The implementation has been really seamless, really easy and should be held out as an example, in terms of how we implement systems across our estate – it’s been that good".

– Jon White, Finance Director - Pets at Home

"We spoke to Webexpenses to discuss the system and watched a demo where they took us through all the key features and benefits. We liaised with Munster Rugby, a current client of their system before we made a final decision. After considering all of these points we decided that Webexpenses was the right provider for Scottish Swimming".

"We’ve had a positive response from staff so far regarding its ease of use. It looks like it will make a huge difference to the finance team too".

– Scottish Swimming

"The app is really useful, it’s very practical, it has all the main features of the main system and it allows you to either upload there and then, or at a later date".

– Anthony Rudolph, Store Design Manager HR - White Stuff

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