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If you are looking to keep on top of when your staff are off work, then look no further. Find out more about Breathe’s Leave Tracking Software now.


Keep track of which staff are in - and when

Breathe’s Leave Tracking Software makes it easy to keep on top of staff’s holidays and planned time off. If you are an employer, knowing when your staff are off can be vital when it comes to making business-related decisions.

Whether it be arranging meetings, organising staff workload or working out the kitchen rota, being in the know about which staff are in the office and when is vital to the smooth running of a business.

Fortunately, Breathe’s software makes that an absolute doddle, providing employers and employees alike with easy access to a bespoke visual leave calendar. This calendar portrays when all staff are in and out of work, enabling plans and decisions to be made accordingly.

Control employee holidays

Using Breathe’s holiday calendar, employers can have a birds-eye view of when staff have time booked off. As a result, this makes it easier to identify if/when a potential holiday clash might occur, making it clearer as to whether a holiday request should be approved or not.

For employees, Breathe’s easy to navigate software makes it simple for staff to see which periods of time they have booked off. Should they realise they have booked a day off that they no longer need, they can easily manage their holiday from their specific employee dashboard. They can also make requests for other time off quickly from wherever they are in the world.

Whether staff need to work from home on a certain day, or require last minute emergency time off, Breathe’s software can streamline all these processes and more.




Why is keeping track of leave important for businesses?

Keeping on top of employee absences is important for making business-related decisions and ensuring money is spent in the right places. Breathe’s software saves companies both time and money by streamlining all the HR processes involved with booking time off.

Here are some of the other benefits you can expect using our software:

  • It’s quicker and easier to track leave
  • It’s more convenient to manage holiday
  • Leave requests can be made from wherever you are in the world
  • Leave clashes flag up on the visual calendar
  • Staff absences are seen all at once in one place
  • Leave is automatically updated for each staff member

Can Breathe’s software do more than just track leave?

Absolutely. Breathe’s all-in-one HR software streamlines all kinds of HR processes, making it much easier for companies to save both time and money. From managing performance reviews and handling all aspects of the recruitment process, Breathe’s software can do all this and more.

Is it expensive to buy and run your software?

Not at all. Breathe’s all-in-one software is sold on a monthly subscription basis with prices starting at just £11 per month (excluding VAT). This is a long way from how it used to be, when HR software was very expensive to buy up-front and even more costly to run. Nowadays, cloud-based software has made organising HR processes much easier and more affordable for businesses.

Which companies use your software?

We have designed our software to work with companies regardless of their size or stature. Whether you work in a hairdresser with five employees, or a huge marketing agency with 250 members of staff, we are confident that our software can modernise your HR processes – whichever sector you work in.

Is it easy to access my company’s data?

Yes. As long as you have an active internet connection, you will have quick and easy access to your company’s data. If you’re an employee, you don’t even necessarily have to be in the office to request time off. With Breathe, you can submit holiday requests whenever, wherever.

Is it safe to use cloud-based Leave Tracking Software?

All of your company’s HR records are stored on highly secure remote servers in Breathe’s UK-based data centre. This centre is fitted with complete CCTV coverage, and also features motion sensors, reinforced doors and controlled key storage systems to keep your company’s information safe from theft, both online and physically.

What do I need to do to get started?

You could be using our innovative software in as little as 30 seconds. Simply sign up to our FREE 14-day trial to experience just how easy it is to navigate our software for yourself.

Before you decide to commit to Breathe full time, make sure to try out our dedicated Leave Tracking Software during your trial period. Also, don’t forget to give us a shout if you ever need any help or advice on using the system.

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Free Trial: a product offered to customers for free for a short period of time so they can try it.

Leave: a designated period of paid time off work granted by employers for employees to use as they wish.

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