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Want to know how effective a HR Management app could be for your business? Look no further – our FAQs page answers some commonly asked questions.

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HR management app overview

Having effective HR software in place is now considered essential to all types of organisations – whether they’re a charity, small business or large corporation. Couple that with the consistent rise in technology seen over the years, and it’ll come as no surprise to find that outdated paper-based HR methods are now being replaced by new, innovative, tech-focused solutions.

One such solution is Breathe.


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Why use our HR management software?

Breathe enables businesses to keep track of their personal data and company documents. Holiday requests, expenses, sick leave – it provides quick and easy access to it all, and enables entire workforces to connect effectively with one other while out and about.

Here’s what you can expect:

Company Directory

Contact details for everyone in your company will be available at the touch of a button. Simply tap their name to chat, email or call them instantly.

Profile Management 

Each employee can manage their own profile, keeping their details accurate and up to date. This includes their address, bank information and emergency contact details.

Holiday & Absence

Employees can book holidays effortlessly from their smartphone, with requests instantly sent to line managers for approval. Sick leave can also be easily added to each individual employee’s planner.


Expense claims can be entered as they’re generated. Simply snap a photo of the receipt(s), upload each one individually or in bulk, and click submit. Accept claims in multiple currencies and digitally sign requests/approvals.


Company documents can be easily shared and viewed by employees within Breathe. Contracts, payslips, health and safety documents – each employee will receive a notification when something is uploaded for their attention.


Any relevant company news and pictures can be shared to workers, helping gather comments, feedback and increase employee engagement.


Say thanks and show recognition to employees for their hard work. Award them a categorised kudos badge to show your appreciation.

What are the benefits of using our HR Management App?

HR-focused apps offer many benefits over traditional software solutions. Some of these advantages typically include:


Have instant access to your cloud-based HR system from anywhere in the world, as long as there's an internet connection available.


Save your business money and improve efficiency by giving employees the opportunity to keep their personal information up to date whenever they like.


Our team are ready and waiting to help with any concerns you may have. Unlike many other SaaS HR providers, we offer telephone support, which gives you the chance to talk to a real human.

What types of company use a HR Management App?

All sorts. Companies and organisations across a whole host of sectors rely on cloud-based software to fulfill their HR needs.

From start-up companies to huge corporate bodies, it is not just the HR Management App that has been specifically developed to suit the requirements of businesses – each type of Breathe HR software is designed to streamline admin processes, bringing HR into the modern age.

We like to keep things simple.

That's why we've put together two guides to show you and your decision-makers the fantastic benefits of Breathe.

Cloud-based app

Is a cloud-based app better than using desktop software?

Generally speaking, cloud-based HR solutions – such as Breathe – provide many more benefits than traditional desktop HR software. They effectively are an upgrade, utilising technological advances to take the stress out of often time-consuming HR processes.

The only real downside to them is the need for a high-speed internet connection. However, the HR app will still operate offline should a provider ever go down unexpectedly, meaning you’ll have access to your company data whenever and wherever you need it.

How much does it cost?

Cloud-based software has seen accessibility to HR resources improve substantially. Previously, HR software cost a lot to purchase up front and even more to install, often requiring the expertise of IT specialists. Nowadays, that has all changed, and cloud-based HR software is now much more affordable to buy and run.

Breathe’s monthly subscription fees start at just £18 per month (excluding VAT), with the price you pay dependent on the number of employees you have. 

Is there a set-up fee?

No. Unlike the traditional model of needing to pay for HR software up front, most HR cloud solutions now charge for them on a monthly subscription basis. Here at Breathe, we won’t charge you for setting up your system, and we won’t charge cancellation fees either.

How easy is it to access data on the app?

Accessing your data is super quick and easy. All you need is a device with an active internet connection 

Where is my HR system and data hosted?

All employee data and HR records are safely stored on highly secure remote servers in our UK-based data centre. This centre is fitted with complete CCTV coverage, motion sensors, reinforced doors, controlled key storage systems and other additional physical controls, so you can rest assured your information will be well-protected.

How do I get started?

In just 30 seconds you could be using Breathe’s all-in-one HR system – simply sign up to our FREE 14-day trial to get an idea of how easy our software is to use. 

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People Portal mobile app

Designed with your people in mind, the People Portal app makes requesting leave and managing time off easier than ever.

  • Request leave in seconds, from anywhere
  • View requested or booked time off at a glance
  • Log sickness with ease
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HR software

software designed to manage employee data and automate human resources tasks. This might include storing employee documents and payroll information, managing holidays and absence, recognising and rewarding employees, or inputting expenses.


a form of computer software, or a program, downloaded by a user to their mobile device or tablet.


a phone which performs many of the same functions as a computer, such as accessing the internet and running an operating system capable of working with user-downloaded apps.

The Cloud

short for cloud computing, the ‘cloud’ is a huge network of remote servers joined together to store data. This network delivers services that rely on an internet connection.

Wave goodbye to spreadsheets

Take a free trial of Breathe to see for yourself how easy it is to win back time in your day and help your people be the best they can be.