Customer Case Study: Lead Tech and Breathe HR Software

Trial it, I'm sure you won’t be disappointed. It saves so much time and gives you accurate HR data.”

The challenge

Based in the outskirts of Leeds, Lead Tech are a marketing firm that specialise in providing high-quality leads for financial advisers. Having been experts in this field for over 10 years, Lead Tech use targeted marketing to create engaging, high-impact campaigns for partners and attract new clients.

With around 50 employees, Head of People Kelly Baynham was becoming increasingly concerned that manual HR processes were too time-consuming and she was finding it difficult to ensure employee details were accurate. With endless spreadsheets, post-it notes and files, Kelly realised her every-day methods were not secure or effective. So, she began her search for an HR software system.

The solution

After lots of research, Kelly was drawn in by the simplicity of Breathe, so she decided to take out a free 14-day trial.

Immediately noticing how easy it was to set up and roll out, she went ahead and enrolled her staff, who also commented on how straight-forward Breathe was to set up.

After exploring the system further, Kelly quickly picked up on some features that she still loves to this day. These include the Breathe dashboard, sickness, holiday management and company documents. The implementation of Breathe was aided massively by the friendly support team being readily available through online chat, phone and email.

The result

Lead Tech have been actively using Breathe since 2016 and are reaping the benefits of having their employee data easily accessible and stored securely in the cloud. Since rolling the system out, sickness within the business has reduced – thanks to the intuitive sickness-tracking feature within Breathe. Company documents are now always signed quickly and can be easily accessed by all employees – lifting another heavy burden from Kelly’s shoulders.

Without Breathe, Lead Tech’s HR department would remain in excel chaos, with spreadsheets still slowing processes down and wasting time. Sickness rates would still be a problem, due to an overall lack of visibility over employees and sickness trends.

This is long gone, thanks to Breathe.


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