Dorset Wildlife Trust

"I can't imagine not using Breathe now - it's just become part of what we do".



0:05.0: Dorset Wildlife Trust is a charity – a conservation charity - and our role really is to champion wildlife. That that involves not just looking after nature reserves, we do that as well, but it's mainly about getting people behind wildlife.

0:17.5: So getting people to value the wildlife, the nature, the green spaces around them. That is our role really - to ensure the wildlife is protected.

0:26.0: Being in independent charity, we’re able to be much more reactive to things. Whilst we do plan ahead and have strategic direction, we are able to very quickly manoeuvre where we're required.

0:38.7: We've got huge areas that are just so magical to go and visit. People do come from all over the country to come to visit Dorset. The cliffs, the heaths, it's just a fantastic area to be in.

0:48.1: It's wonderful to go in our reserves and just see the brilliant work that's being done there and how much people enjoy going out in the countryside. It’s more of a hobby for me doing this job.

0:59.5: I'm very passionate about marine conservation, it's something that's really heart of who I am.

1:04.0: We have a huge number of members, over 26,000 members, so really being the largest conservation charity in Dorset, it was an obvious choice to come here and I've been here for 15 years.

1:15.1: Most of my time is spent in the office stuck behind a computer looking out the window wishing I wasn’t.

1:22.9: The HR needs I face are huge and varied. I think every HR manager I've ever spoken to will tell you exactly the same thing - you never know what's going to hit you when you come through the door.

1:31.3: I was the sole person looking at the change to Breathe, I did a lot of research. It was very much needed as we grew. We used to use the old system of an Excel spreadsheet for managing things like holiday leave and sickness absence.

1:45.1: We had staff filling in little pieces of paper to book that leave, which then goes to the manager, then comes to me and I would then transfer them to this spreadsheet.

1:52.9: All of those things were just phenomenally time-consuming. What really impressed me about Breathe I think was the personal touch and also that you could see that Breathe really values the work of charities as well.

2:06.0: I can't imagine not using Breathe now - it's just become part of what we do, it's been very, very successful.