C&C Training Ltd

“Breathe has transformed the way we manage HR and is an essential tool for us now. I’m so pleased it exists.” 

The Challenge 

C&C Training Ltd, have been supplying innovative training and development solutions to UK businesses since 2007.  

As a leading UK training provider, C&C Training Ltd are transforming the industry - and businesses within it. 

But despite their success, it was certain that new, better way of managing their HR admin was on the cards. 

With almost 50 employees (and counting), director Ruth Crothers felt that manual HR methods and paperwork just weren’t cutting it anymore.  

These methods were too time-consuming and lacked important security and organisation.  

She needed a system that would simplify HR adminstreamline processes for managers and save the business valuable time. 

The Solution 

Breathe was recommended to Ruth by her HR advisors. They helped set-up her 14-day free trial, show her the ropes and upload her data.  

It was a simple process for Ruth and she was delighted with the level of support, including the handy chat function within her account. This made it so easy to speak to our friendly support team if she had any burning questions. 

Once Ruth had got a taste for Breathe’s holiday, sickness and document-management features, as well as the simple dashboard, she was sold. 

The Result 

Everyone loves Breathe at C&C Training Ltd.  

The software has made booking holiday and accessing appraisal notes a breeze, and the employee directory is useful for people out on the road. 

In support of their ‘community’ value, the team regularly use the Breathe Kudos feature for praise and recognition. There’s an award at the end of each quarter for the employee with the most kudos – plus, everyone loves receiving an email to say that someone appreciates them. 

The biggest improvement for the business? Breathe’s ‘objectives and deliverables’ functionality has helped them to achieve their annual goals.  

Now, everyone within the business contributes towards the company’s overall objectives. Breathe has enhanced what was originally a very basic, paper-based performance system.

Since signing up to Breathe over 2 years ago, Ruth has seen significant uplift in achievements within each department. She’s able to access this information with ease, thanks to Breathe’s simple but intuitive performance-management feature 

“Breathe is a great system. It’s simple to use and makes a massive difference to keeping HR records and functions in order.” - Ruth