HR Management System (HRMS)

What is a HR Management System? (HRMS) Does my business need a HR Management System? Find out more about HR Management Systems and browse our FAQs here.

HR management system

HR management system overview

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What does a HR Management System do? 

The function of a HR Management System (HRMS) is to automate HR processes and put information and HR task management at the fingertips of HR professionals, managers and employees.

Features of a comprehensive HR Management System include:

• Storing employee data
• Payroll administration and export
• Benefits management
• Expenses management
• Document management
• Attendance tracking (absenteeism, sickness and holidays)
• Time logging
• Performance evaluation
• Recruitment and applicant tracking
• Onboarding
• API functionality
• Data importing
• Reporting

Why use a HR Management System?

HR processes are time consuming when performed manually and storing paper-based employee data has implications for efficiency and security.

An automated HR system provides a powerful solution for everyday HR processes, cutting the time spent on HR admin. Breathe’s user-friendly HR software maximises employee engagement and improves operational efficiency.


What are the benefits?

Using a seamless system to manage HR saves time and gives leaders, HR professionals and managers instant access to the rich data required to make strategic business decisions. Without an automated HR system, HR professionals spend nearly half of their daily working hours performing tedious administrative processes.

Using an automated HR Management System to streamline human resources activities gives HR professionals more time to spend on other HR priorities, such as recruitment, training, development and employee engagement, which all have a positive impact on attracting and retaining talent and improving engagement and productivity.

A HRMS also keeps rich employee data at your fingertips, enabling you to plan ahead and make strategic decisions quickly.

What is Software as a Service (SaaS)?

Software as a Service (also known as cloud-based software) is a way of delivering applications over the internet. It means you don’t have to install or maintain any software on your computer hard drives – you simply access the service through your web browser over the internet using a secure password.

What are the advantages of Saas over desktop software?

Cloud HR Management Systems have many benefits over traditional manual or desktop software solutions. These include:


With a cloud-based HR system, no installation is required, you simply sign up to the service online.


A cloud-based HR system is accessible from anywhere you have an internet connection using a PC, Mac, tablet or mobile device.


Many HR processes are automated. Data is easily kept up-to-date in real time and is accessible 24/7.


With cloud-based software there are no large upfront costs - the cost is spread over low monthly subscription payments.


On the cloud all updates are automatic.


Data is automatically backed up from the cloud by your software provider.


Saas HR providers generally offer robust system support via email and online chat. Breathe also offer telephone support, which is unusual for a Saas HR provider. Cloud solutions cut down the need for an internal IT specialist.


Because you access your cloud application from a browser, you can run any operating system.

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Cloud-based HR management

Who uses cloud-based HR Management and how much does it cost?

Lots of businesses use cloud-based HR Management Systems. Cloud-based options make HR systems financially accessible to even the smallest micro businesses. Breathe, for example, have a graduated pricing system that starts at $29 per month for businesses with 1-10 employees.

Where is my data hosted?

With a cloud-based HR system your data is stored with your SaaS vendor. HR data is particularly sensitive, which is why at Breathe we take the issue of data security extremely seriously. With Breathe all of your data is held in our secure data centre in Australia, which is equipped with CCTV, motion sensors, reinforced door and controlled key storage.

Is my data secure?

Yes. Generally, data stored with SaaS vendors is more secure than data that is stored locally. At Breathe, protecting your data is a priority.

Can I integrate HR Management with other systems?

In most businesses HR Management Systems connect with supporting systems, such as calendars, time tracking, finance records and other administrative functions. 

The Breathe API ensures all employee data across your systems is kept up to date. It means you save time and prevent mistakes by not having to manually update multiple systems. Our sandbox test environment gives your developers the opportunity to test code first to ensure critical business errors can be avoided.

How scalable is HR Management software?

Most cloud-based HR software solutions are scalable. Breathe’s HR solution is designed specifically for SMEs. 



HR Management Software is a fully featured information and reporting system that centralises all HR administration and processes.


An Application Programming Interface (API) allows different applications to interact and communicate with one another.

The cloud

Software and services that run on the Internet, instead of locally on your computer and are accessed through a web browser, such as Google Chrome.


A method of software delivery accessed online via a subscription from a third-party provider.

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