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An easy guide for calculating holiday

The biggest admin burden of HR management so often comes from managing everyone’s holidays, and how to work out everyones holiday calculations.

It’s essential that you keep records of all employees’ holiday entitlements, holidays they take and holidays they are owed. When an employee leaves, they will be entitled to receive payment for holiday they have accrued but not taken so you must make sure that you have accurate records.

In this guide, you'l learn about:

  • Holiday Entitlement
  • The Key points to consider
  • Calculating part-time holiday
  • Simple holiday calculations
  • Automating holiday calculations with Breathe software

It's essential that, you keep records all of employee entitlement

In this guide:

  • The statutory entitlement explained
  • The company wide holiday year and key points to consider
  • Carry over and part-time holiday explained

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