The Culture Pledge

We pledge to invest in our company culture to benefit our people and propel our business forward

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The Pledge

Do you take your company culture seriously? If you don't, you should.

Our research proves that poor company culture is costing the UK economy an eye-watering £15.7 billion a year, causing  1 in workers to quit their jobs.

We're on a mission to spread the word about great company culture and encourage SMEs across the UK to invest in theirs. After all, it makes business sense. 

Over 500 businesses have already signed up. Are you with us?

What our pledgers say

‘Culture is key’

Culture isn't only key to our success, it's one of the most interesting areas to develop within our company. We strive to create a working environment where our team #LoveMondays.

‘Creating solid foundations’

We are a start-up that will increase employees by 50% this year. We'd like to focus on company culture to address some challenges we've had early on and to create a solid foundation as we grow and introduce new team members.

‘To ensure a positive work environment’

To ensure a positive working environment and healthy minds for our employees, which overtime will hopefully lead to greater employee retention.

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Why join the Pledge

  • Supercharge employee performance
  • Gain your team's trust
  • Boost your finances
  • Create employee ambassadors
  • Attract the best talent (and keep them)
More on the benefits

Why company culture?

Your culture defines your possibilities and frames your potential.

It's how you get things done. It's the feel of the working environment, it's the way people treat each other, it's your leadership style, it's your implicit attitudes and behaviours, it's your values.

You may have nailed your business strategy, but building a strong culture for your people is the crucial foundation for long-term growth and success.

Check out the Workplace culture bitesize guide for more information.

Read the guide

Free pack of top-tips & goodies

On joining, we'll send you a useful pack of resources that you can use to maximise your campaign and share the good news. These include:

  • Your certificate of commitment
  • Pledge posters
  • Pledge logo
  • Pre-written social media posts
  • Social media graphics
  • Press release template
  • Website copy block template
  • Blog post tips from the Breathe content team
  • 10-step guide to creating a positive culture

Join the Culture Pledge

Joining the company culture pledge might reaffirm how your organisation already approaches culture or it may provide a practical framework to support you on where you’d like to get to.

Any organisation can commit to the pledge, whether you’re a start up, multi-national corporation, or a not-for profit.

Now is the time to be bold and proactive.

Company culture is not a fluffy, nice-to-have. It is the invisible maker or breaker of all businesses.

Join over 500 businesses and pledge today.