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Revolution is a highly experienced group of passionate, future focused HR professionals who provide quality driven, outsourced HR solutions that we especially shape and mould to meet the specific demands of your business. Whether you engage us for a short term project or long term partnership, we will deliver a scalable HR solution to help you plan and execute innovative initiatives that will enhance the way you recruit, engage, manage and develop your employees.

Our team have been drawn together because of our passion for delivering results that help. Motivated Employees + Inspired Vision + Great Culture + Communication = Teamwork & Fantastic Business

HR services

  • Business HR solutions
  • Recruitment
  • Legal services
  • New business advice
  • Employee development
  • HR software

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Frequently Asked Questions


Do Breathe offer HR consultancy?

We don’t, however we work with a number of professional HR partners across the UK. Please feel free to find one in your region above.