Onboarding your employees

Take a look at our 5-step guide courtesy of Bethan, Partner Account Manager.

5-step guide to onboarding your employees

Create a seemless onboarding experience for your client and their employees.

Introducing a company and their employees to a new system can be hard. As the saying goes.. Who likes change? Change can be scary. However, by using my top tips, you can ensure that everyone is invested.

1. Send the employee a welcome email.

On your HR dashboard you will see a 'task' to do.

screenshot 1.jpg

screenshot 2.jpg

Here is the list of employees that are waiting to receive their welcome email. The welcome email contains the employees log in details.

screenshot 3-1.jpg

Top tip...encourage employees to bookmark the log in page.

2. Create a company announcement.

Pop to your company tab > 'announcements'.

screenshot 4.jpg        screenshot 5.jpg

An email will be sent to employees to let them know. The benefit? This will prompt everyone to log in and suss out what is going on.

screenshot 6.jpg

3. Schedule a 1-1.

Go to the performance section within an employee's profile.

screenshot 7.jpg

An email will go out to the employee and the can save 1-1 to their outlook calendar. You’ll also get a reminder on your dashboard.

screenshot 8.jpg

screenshot 9.jpg

4. Award an employee kudos for making their first leave request.

Did you know, kudos is the Greek word for Praise?

screenshot 10.jpg

So what happens next? Yes, you guessed it! The employee will receive an email letting them know you’ve awarded them kudos today.

screenshot 11.jpg

5. Have you thought about adding a company document?

screenshot 13.jpg

Pop in a title. Add a couple of tags and decide who you want to be able to see the document you’ve uploaded.

screenshot 12.jpg

Top tip...you could upload the 'Employee Guide'. Download the guide here.

Bonus tip! Introducing the tags. Tags are keywords which you can add to a document to help aid your search at a later date. 

E.g. I have 3 Handbooks. You could add 2 different tags. "HR" and "Handbook". You can then search for the tag "Handbook" and it will display all the documents associated with that tag.

screenshot 14 (1)


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