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What is a time log?

A time log is a record of employee activities or planned employee activities, usually relating to specific projects. Breathe’s time log and project management tool is a simple software feature allowing you to understand exactly where your employees’ time is going. Providing a step-by-step record of time-related data, time logs are the perfect way to track time spent on specific projects without having to implement a complete time management system.

The breathe time log system gives you an audit trail of employee time spent on specific projects at the touch of a button. A time log improves the process of planning work, helps estimate project lead times accurately, and ensures you can bill clients with precision.


Manage Overtime and Projects

Time logs are perfect for companies that need a quick and simple way to track overtime or need to record how much time has been spent working for a client or on a specific company project. Breathe time logs make running projects easier, more efficient and help you make decisions that are crucial for efficient business. Breathe keeps you informed of project timelines and helps you manage your employees and projects better.

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Links with Expense Claims

Stay on top of company expenditures on client work, overtime and company projects. By keeping everything in one place with a great project management feature, Breathe makes tracking project time and costs easy. With the Breathe system you can keep track of budgets, link an expense to a project or specific client, and charge costs directly to the client.

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Sort time logs by employee

Breathe makes it possible to sort time logs by individual employees so that managers have a quick and easy way to understand how employees are spending their time. Monitor performance by activity levels and eliminate distractions to improve productivity and gain a better understanding of how your team works. Breathe helps businesses identify which tasks are slowing projects down.

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