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Security & Reliability

We take the security of your data and the reliability of access very seriously

The security and reliability of access to your data is core to everything we do. You are trusting us with valuable data and we take that responsibility very seriously.  This page will give you information about how we protect your data and provide reassurance that you will always get access to it whenever and wherever you need.

Who are breatheHR?

breatheHR is a trading name of Centurion Management Systems Ltd, a UK company that has been implementing HR systems for over 21 years.

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Data Protection

We are registered with the Information Commissioners Office and guarantee that your employee data never leaves the EU.

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Uptime and performance

Its important that you can access your HR data when and wherever you need. Our servers are configured to provide an exceptionally high level of reliability and redundancy.
We’ve set up status.breathehr.com with a 3rd party monitoring company so that you see for yourself.

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Taking data security seriously

Want to understand we protect your data? Also find out how we are committed to GDPR compliance.

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Credit card information

We do not hold or process any credit card information on our servers. From the very first moment that you enter your credit card details they are managed and protected by one of the most trusted credit card processors in the industry, Realex Payments.

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Terms & Conditions

Every breatheHR account operates under the same Terms & Conditions. We try to keep the legals to a minimum but its important to get them right so that you know how things stand.

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Penetration testing

We retain a CISSPs and CREST accredited security company to test our systems for security weaknesses. This uses the same techniques as real attackers so we can be sure your data is safe

Our latest audit in 2015 found “There were no opportunities for an attacker without credentials to access the authenticated area of the breatheHR application”. Which in layman’s terms mean they couldn’t get in without knowing the password.

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