Frequently asked questions

Commonly asked questions about Breathe


What type of payments do you accept?

We accept credit card & debit card payments on all plans.

How long is your contract term?

You are not tied into a long-term contract. You can cancel your system at any time and only pay for the remainder of the current month.

Who is considered to be an active employee ?

We consider an active employee in the system as such:

  • They are included in a finalised pay run (even if that pay run is subsequently unlocked)
  • They have had an approved leave request
  • They have an approved expense request
  • They have a published roster shift
  • They have an approved timesheet

Upgrade and downgrade

Can I change my package?

Yes. The price you pay is determined by the number of active employees you have. If you increase your employee numbers you simply pay for the new employees you add on to the system.

You can also choose additional features as your business needs grow.

How do Cloud Systems work and how do they help me run my business better?

Cloud technology is great news for smaller companies.

Rather than installing software on your server and on each users computer, cloud software enables you access your systems online. Users simply access the system through a web browser.

Cloud technology is very easy to access – no installation, downloads or maintenance required. We run the IT so you don’t have to.

Benefits for a smaller company are greatly reduced costs, flexible working and the elimination of additional software and hardware.

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