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Learn a little more about the team dedicated to making life easier for SME's.

Breathe is here to support small business in New Zealand with intuitive, easy-to-use Payroll and Rostering systems. Our goal is to give small businesses more time to focus on their most valuable asset – their people.

Breathe has been developed leveraging our teams years of local and International expertise. Breathe started in the UK in 2002, specifically to provide HR software for the small business customers. It has grown into a leading small business HR software provider in the UK with greater than 9,000 customers globally and a presence in Australia.

We are now excited to launch Breathe in New Zealand to help you with paying your employees, centralising data and managing the team’s roster.
Breathe’s market leading software is backed by the financial strength and industry experience of our ASX listed parent, ELMO Group, provides a truly unique proposition to revolutionise the way you manage your people.

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years old and still going strong



SMEs use Breathe to manage their HR



years’ experience with HR systems



employees use Breathe to request leave, track goals, and more

Meet our people


Having built Breathe from the ground up, our 2 founders lead the Breathe vision. Their ultimate goal is to provide simple-to-use software for SMEs and shout about people-first workplace cultures.

Jonathan Richards

Founder & CEO

Gareth Burrows

Founder & CTO


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