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The onboarding process is crucial for any business.

That’s why it’s so important to get it right.

And while we may not always get it right first time, we can build on existing processes and change things for the better.

How? Asking for feedback is a great place to start.

Gaining feedback on their early recruitment & onboarding processes can help to shape an improved onboarding experience – meaning happier, more engaged employees. Win-win.

This free HR template contains onboarding survey questions that you may want to ask your new starters.

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Timing the survey

At Breathe, we send our onboarding surveys to new employees between 1-3 months after they join us, once they’re settled and have completed the onboarding process.

There isn't a set timescale to send onboarding surveys to new staff - it's whenever feels right for your business. 


The value of onboarding surveys

Onboarding surveys are incredibly valuable for SMEs - especially if you make it clear you want to receive honest feedback from your newly-onboarded team members. 

Reassuring new starters that there won't be repercussions for any suggestions for improvement will allow you to truly get an insight into your onboarding process - from those that have recently experienced it.

Being open to the feedback you receive could overhaul your onboarding processes for the better. 

Download our 10-question onboarding survey template to get started.

Download onboarding survey template


Disclaimer: This template has been provided for informational purposes only. 

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