Processing Policy

What this policy applies to

This processing policy applies to the Personal Data that we process when providing the Services to you.

This Policy must be read alongside the EULA (“Agreement”) and any other documents referred to in it.

The definitions contained in the Agreement apply to this policy.


In providing the Services we will:

  • process the Personal Data that you enter into the Service about the people engaged in your business (“People”) that relates to their employment;
  • process that Personal Data in the following ways:
    • storing data;
    • making data available to you in different formats and media; and
    • presenting that data to you in the form of summaries and reports based on the data.
  • for the following purposes:
    • to collate personnel and human resources information together with work and calendar tasks so that the same can be accessed securely and simply;
    • to allow such data to be edited and expanded on safely and quickly; and
    • to make tools available to you so that you can analyse the data .

We will carry out these activities for the duration of our contract with you. Unless we are required by the Data Protection Legislation to store the Personal Data, when the contract ends we will delete or return the Personal Data to you in accordance with your instructions.

Types of personal data

We will process the following Personal Data:

  • pictures;
  • names;
  • addresses;
  • phone numbers;
  • email addresses;
  • dates of birth;
  • job titles;
  • salary & benefits;
  • bank details;
  • emergency contacts;
  • information relating to employment including:
    • length and location of annual leave booked;
    • sickness absences and reasons for absences;
    • appraisal & performance management;
    • disciplinary records;
    • type and amount of expenses claimed; and
    • documents relating to employment;


We will process the Personal Data of the People engaged in your business, including:

  • employees;
  • workers;
  • agency workers;
  • consultants; and
  • directors.