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About Time2Time

Time2Time HR provides bespoke HR services to meet the individual needs of small businesses in the Thames Valley and surrounding area. In tough economic times small growing companies can probably neither justify nor afford to invest in full-time HR. However, no matter how many employees they have there are certain legal obligations which they need to consider. For example you are so busy growing the business you don’t quite get around to issuing contracts of employment. You may well get away with that until something goes wrong. An employee resigns; you want them to leave immediately. What does the contract say – oh whoops there isn’t one. Now it can become messy. So T2T can take your HR worries away – the contracts, policies, performance issues and much more giving you more time to focus on growing your business.

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Do Breathe offer HR consultancy?

We don’t, however we work with a number of professional HR partners across the UK. Please feel free to find one in your region above.