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About KClear HR

KClear HR helps businesses grow and succeed by ensuring they have the right tools in place to ensure they have the right people in the right jobs performing at their best.

Breathe is a simple, effective and essential tool for a small business.

Having worked with Workday the bees knees of HR systems, I really was expecting to be disappointed, but am delighted to say that it has amazing functionality for the cost. The cost of the system is easily recouped in reduced administration time, and ease of access to data. The largest client I have on Breathe has 80 employees, the smallest 4 employees, and it has revolutionised both businesses.

For me personally I can give quicker, more accurate advice as I have the information to hand.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Do Breathe offer HR consultancy?

We don’t, however we work with a number of professional HR partners across the UK. Please feel free to find one in your region above.