RotaCloud is staff scheduling and attendance software that makes work simple. Keep all of your rotas, holiday requests and time sheets together in one place, so you can stay organised, and in control.

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Fuss-free rota planning for your business

RotaCloud is perfect for any business that employs hourly staff and finds they are wasting too much time planning rotas, juggling spreadsheets and trying to coordinate shift changes.


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Key features

RotaCloud is simple staff scheduling and time & attendance software.

Our platform takes the pain out of rota management – from automatically sending shift updates, to keeping track of worked hours, RotaCloud makes it easy to manage a flexible workforce.

"RotaCloud has cut my rota planning down from 3 days a month to about 2 hours.”

— Darren Longworth, Clothes2Order

Connecting Breathe with RotaCloud

We are very pleased to announce an integration between Breathe and RotaCloud, allowing the two systems to share information without the need for manual data input - saving you time and making your life easier.

Click here to find out more via our handy knowledge base.

Marketplace_Integration_RotaCloud and Breathe

Price plans

No setup fees. No hidden costs. Just simple, transparent pricing for everyone. Starts at £5/month for 5 employees.

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Let’s work together – and make things better

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