Brexit, Breathe and Data Protection

Current up-to-date information

With the Brexit transition period coming to an end and with the UK scheduled to leave the EU on 1st January 2021, there are new rules for businesses.

We are closely following the advice of the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) to understand the implications for our customers. At this stage we are not anticipating any problems, however, we have put together this overview and we will continue to develop this as the situation evolves.

We are also making changes to our data-hosting arrangements. These are summarised in the following section.


When will our data be moving?

Data was moved on the 13th of December to UK hosting, based in London.

What is the Privacy Shield and is this relevant to my data?

The Privacy Shield is an agreement between the EU and US allowing for the transfer of data between the two regions. As your data will be hosted in the UK, the Privacy Shield is irrelevant.

What about Standard Contractual Clauses (SCCs)?

Again, as these pertain to data transfers between EU and non-EU countries, these clauses are not relevant in terms of your data.

Will there be any noticeable difference to us based on where our data is held?

None whatsoever. It will continue to be hosted Amazon Web Services’ state-of-the-art data-centre facilities. There will be no difference in terms of speed or performance.

Ongoing Developments

In the short term Breathe is not affected by Brexit, however, as the situation and advice provided by the Information Commissioner’s Office is subject to change, we will continue to analyse all developments closely and carefully. We will continue to work with the ICO and report changes and their implications to our customers and partners.

We also recommend reading the ICO’s FAQs regarding data and information rights at the end of the transition period. This is being updated on a regular basis and can be accessed via ICO website.