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Breathe’s annual leave tracker makes it easy for employers to keep on top of when their staff are off work. Find out more about our software now.



Keeping on top of annual leave has never been easier

Breathe’s Annual Leave Tracker makes it easy to manage staff’s annual leave from wherever you are in the world. Using a visual calendar specific to each individual company, our software provides employers with an overview of which staff are off and when, so that plans can be made accordingly.

Gone are the days of needing to scour through emails to find out when staff booked annual leave. Now, thanks to our system, we streamline the entire process – from submitting the leave request in the first place, to making it clear and easy to see when staff are away from the office.

Take control

Employers can keep on top of which staff are away using Breathe’s annual leave calendar. This provides employers and employees alike with a birds-eye look at when staff have booked time off. This then makes it easier to pinpoint potential clashes – from problems with organising holiday cover, to instances where more than one member of staff wants the same time period off – and make related decisions accordingly.

The calendar can also sync with Office 365 or Google calendars, ensuring that employers are always in the know wherever they may be in the world. What’s more, when a staff member makes a holiday request, the software notifies the employer right away, helping tailor the process and make it as seamless as possible.

We like to keep things simple.

That's why we've put together two guides to show you and your decision-makers the fantastic benefits of Breathe.



What are some of the benefits involved?

Breathe’s annual leave tracker can provide a ton of benefits. Some examples of these include:

  • Tracking annual leave is quick and easy.
  • Managing holiday is more convenient.
  • Annual leave requests can be made at work, home or wherever you are in the world.
  • The visual calendar flags any potential leave clashes.
  • Staff absences can be seen all at once.
  • Annual leave entitlements are calculated and automatically updated for each employee.

Can I only request annual leave while in the office?

All you need to make an annual leave request is a stable internet connection and your employee login details. Therefore, you can theoretically make holiday requests wherever you find yourself in the world.

Say, for example, you’re an employee who’s already on holiday but would like an extra day or two off relaxing; now, through our innovative software, you can make holiday requests easily from the pool, beach, bar, or wherever you are.

Gone are the days of companies needing to use old-fashioned paper-based ways of booking and tracking holidays. Using our innovative software, we help bring company’s HR processes into the 21st century.

Can I change the annual leave dates after they have been approved?

Absolutely. If you're an HR user you'll be able to edit annual leave dates for your people after they've been submitted and approved. If you're an employee, simply sign into your Breathe account and click on the ‘Manage Leave’ section on your dashboard. From here you can cancel your leave, and once approved you'll be able to rebook the dates required.

Can Breathe's software do more than just holiday tracking?

Yes, of course. Our all-in-one HR software is designed to streamline all sorts of HR processes and make lives easier for companies. Whether it be tracking holidays, managing performance reviews or handling recruitment processes, our software can do all this and much, much more. The Annual Leave Tracker is just one of many things the software can offer.

How expensive is it to buy and run?

Breathe is priced on plan sizes rather than employee numbers, meaning it's the most cost-effective HR software on the market with prices starting from just £18 per month. This is a far cry from the old days, when HR software was very expensive to buy up-front and even more expensive to install and run. Nowadays, thanks to numerous advances in technology, HR software is much more affordable, efficient and easier to use.

How difficult is it to set up the system?

It really isn’t difficult to set up and get going with Breathe’s software. Since our system is all cloud-based, you could be using it in as little as 60 seconds. Simply sign up to our FREE 14-day trial to get started.

Once you’ve signed up with us, you will have full access to our system. During your trial period, make sure to try out the dedicated Annual Leave Tracker to see just how easy it is to use and navigate.



Cloud: the method of storing and accessing data over the internet rather than via a computer’s hard drive.

Annual leave: a period of paid time off work granted by employers for employees to use as they wish.

Office 365: a SaaS solution from Microsoft which incorporates Microsoft Office and other services, including email and collaboration, from Microsoft’s cloud server.

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