Ridgeview Wine Estate

"Breathe has given me more time to concentrate on other aspects of my job, I feel more organized and it's become like my own assistant".


0:5.0: Ridgeview is a family-run business founded by Mike and Chris Roberts in 1995.

0:11.5: They decided to plant the grapes of Chardonnay Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier to make English sparkling wine.

0:16.3: In the last 10 years, we've picked up some really key awards and achievements. In 2018 we were very fortunate to be awarded the International Wine Maker of the Year which is essentially the Oscars of the wine industry. It's the first time an English producer has ever won this award.

0:32.1: Stuff like that is really helping us put Ridgeview on the maps and we're now exporting to about 17 different countries with a particular focus on the USA, Japan and Scandinavia. There's lots of work going into those markets at the moment and we're building a brand overseas which is fantastic.

0:47.3: The most important thing for me at Ridgeview is the family story and the high-quality traditional method used for the sparkling wines that we produce. Everything that we do is focused on serious attention to detail with high-quality sparkling and then just communicating the family story and why our wines are so special.

1:02.8: As a growing business with three locations on our estate, we were finding controlling the administration of HR absences and sickness quite challenging.

1:11.9: Document management was also a concern as we had so much paperwork we needed to control. When I Googled it, I noticed that Breathe could do both HR and document control.

1:21.0: The two-week free trial was a godsend, we actually used our biggest team to trial the holiday booking feature and it just worked perfectly. We could then roll it out to our smaller teams once we activated our Breathe account.

1:31.4: Breathe has given me more time to concentrate on other aspects of my job, I feel more organized and Breathe has become like my own assistant.

1:37.6: Since the introduction of Breathe to Ridgeview, it's massively helped us. For me, being in the sales team and being able to access the files or company documents on the move, as well as looking at where my colleagues are with regards to annual leave and that sort of thing.

1:50.8: It’s been massively beneficial and helpful for us, for sure.