MK Consultants (UK) Ltd / CAIR (UK) Ltd

"If you're looking for a simple, user-friendly HR System that doesn't cost the earth, then this is the one for you."

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The challenge 

Telehealthcare business, MK Consultants (UK) Ltd / Cair (UK) Ltd, design and manufacture life-enhancing products that help vulnerable, disabled and elderly hold onto their independence for longer, while ending the stigma surrounding assistive technology.

With a team of nearly 50 and counting, HR Manager, Alison Barnes, found that complicated manual methods of managing her employee admin, such as paper files and post-it notes, were taking up too much of her time. Her traditional manual 'filing cabinet' system not only lacked security but often led to missing or incomplete data; putting the company at risk of GDPR fines and lengthy Subject Access Requests (SAR).

The solution

So Alison began the hunt for a stress-free solution for people and business management. Thanks to it's reputation for easy-setup and award-winning support team, Breathe's simple-to-use software caught her eye.

To get a real feel for the system, Alison signed up to Breathe's free 14-day trial. Within minutes - and with no credit card needed - Alison was en route to a better way of working and managing her team.  Thanks to Breathe's clear training materials and friendly onboarding team, the whole process was quick and easy.

Many of Breathe's features were perfect for Alison, such as sickness management, document management and the recruitment feature but the big win was the simple, streamlined holiday management feature, making her work-life easier and freeing up time to concentrate on her other duties.

The result

Having used Breathe for over 3 years, Alison has noticed an improvement in communication and participation around the business. Removing the delays and errors connected to paper-based procedures, Breathe has also allowed her to switch focus from time-consuming day-to-day tasks on to bigger HR projects.

Thanks to Breathe's friendly user interface, employees (even those who are scared of computers) feel confident using the system and do so regularly. Accessible from any browser, Breathe promotes accountability and autonomy whether your working in the office, at home or away. 

"It's not an all-singing, all-dancing system but it doesn't need to be. It's just the right level for what we need and we wouldn't be keen to use it if it was complicated or cumbersome."

Signature chasing is now a thing of the past as Breathe's document management feature means that important documents and announcements can be shared via the system and reduces the need for mountains of paper - making Alison (and the environment) very happy.

A favourite among everyone at MK Consultants (UK) Ltd / CAIR (UK) Ltd is their new and improved holiday-management process. By allowing your people to check and request holiday online, booking and approving holiday now takes a matter of hours rather than weeks. It's surprising how the little things, such as an employee dashboard with access to view the whole company calendar can make so much difference to managing and monitoring leave. 

"Although we're a relatively small company at the moment, we can upgrade to the next level as our headcount grows in the future." - Alison Barnes, MK Consultants (UK) Ltd / CAIR (UK) Ltd.

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