Customer Case Study: INASP and Breathe HR Software

Without breathe, it would be back to complicated systems. It’s just so easy to use and implement within a business. I can now ‘breathe’! To anyone that is thinking about using breathe: go for it, it will change your life!”

The challenge

INASP is an international development organisation that has 25 years’ experience working with a global network of partners in Africa, Latin America and Asia, and is made up of between 21-50 employees. The manual HR system in place at INASP was complicated and time consuming, with spreadsheets, post-it notes and holiday charts becoming increasingly overwhelming and frustrating.

INASP needed a simple, stress-free solution to give them back valuable time, time that they could then devote to other areas of the organisation to help drive the organisation forward.

The solution

During their search for a software solution, INASP came across Breathe on social media and were drawn in by the excellent charity discount that was available to them. They therefore decided to take out a free 14 day trial with Breathe to get a taste of how it could benefit the organisation and turn their HR processes around.

On taking out a trial, INASP’s office manager Carol was instantly impressed by the Breathe software. She found it very easy to set up and simple to use, but at the same time had everything she needed in order to manage her employees effectively and all in one place. The elements of Breathe that she found particularly useful included holiday/sickness management, kudos, recruitment and the employee directory.

The result

Carol loved Breathe so much that she signed INASP up for a regular monthly plan in January 2018. Since then, the company haven’t looked back and are reaping the benefits of having a simple, intuitive system to look after their HR processes and save them valuable time.

No longer bogged down with using manual calendars and spreadsheets, Carol is able to spend a lot more time on other important tasks and spend more time with employees - who have also commented on how easy Breathe is to use!