A Guide to Agile Working for SMEs

Agile workspaces are now gaining popularity and here's our quick guide to it.








What is agile working?

An agile business is one that is not slowed down by processes, conventional ways of working or slavish adherence to a plan. Agile businesses are nimble, responsive, flexible and adaptable.

With origins in the IT sector, agile working began as a methodology for managing complex software development projects. Fast forward 20 years and agile working practices have been adopted by organisations of every size and in every sector as the benefits have become better known.

What are the characteristics of an agile company?

There are eight characteristics of an agile company:

  • Goal-driven
  • Open to new technology
  • Flexible
  • Dedicated to a culture of trust and learning
  • Creative
  • Performance-driven
  • Good at managing change
  • Data-compliant

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