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Breather Partner Programme - Referral Partners

Who is it for?

Our Referral Partner channel is designed for those who understand the value technology, and particularly people and planning software, will make to a small to medium-sized business owner.

Unlike the Accredited Partner channel, a Referral Partner is a low-touch approach. You supply your unique referral code link, then once the company activates their Breathe account after their 14-day free trial, you earn your commission*.

*Download our partner brochure for more information.

Why join?

  • Our program costs nothing, join for FREE
  • We offer a true Partnership, we want to work with you to grow your business
  • Access your own partner hub to see your referrals and access your clients' accounts
  • Earn commission
  • We provide complete training & support
  • Your client will be fully supported by Breathe
  • Access to a free demo account
  • A dedicated account manager will assist in building your Breathe client base
  • No contract

The Partner Brochure
We're at your service, read our free brochure and learn how to work smart.

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Testimonials from our Referral Partners...

“It's a one-stop-shop!”

When it comes to HR software there are lots of companies that talk a good game but Breathe help you make it happen.

For my customers and their employees, it's engaging and brings their business great results. It's a one-stop-shop!
— Russell Whitlock, Vert(US) HR

“An excellent HR software solution”

Our clients are very impressed by how easy the system is to use and the functionality of what it offers at a very affordable price.

We're delighted to offer Breathe as an excellent HR software solution as part of our services.
— Gillian Mcdowell, Happy Raspberry HR

Frequently Asked Questions


Is it really FREE?

Yes, our Partner Programme is 100% free and is designed specifically for consultants who are working with small to medium-sized businesses.

How could it grow my business?

Referring Breathe will add value to the services your business already offers.

Showing you’re ‘in the know’ of what’s available - and how this will ultimately save your client’s time and money - will not only improve your popularity but will show you’re aware of market trends.

This will also show you have your clients best interests at heart too.

How am I supported?

Whether you’re an Accredited or a Referral partner we will always do our best to support you.

There will be optional training available and exclusive access to our library of marketing and promotional materials.

Plus, you will be assigned your very own dedicated account manager, supporting you with any questions you or your clients may have.

Essentially, as a referral partner we’ll look after your clients and provide support where you need it.

Who supports my clients?

As a referral partner all you need to do is share your unique referral link, we'll then take care of the rest. We will provide support and guidance to your clients during the set-up process and look after them throughout their Breathe journey.

What’s the commission rates?

Take a quick read of our brochure and see for yourself!

Can I access my referral clients' accounts?

Yes, if they authorise partner access. This will be available for 30 days. However, if you require permanent access you may want to consider becoming an Accredited Partner.



Questions? We're here to help. Talk to us to find out more.