Guide to Payroll Software for Small Business

Tired of the stress that comes with using multiple systems to pay staff, manage leave requests, and ensure payroll-related compliance obligations are met? 


You’re probably no stranger to the challenges of payroll, whether you’re a business owner, payroll manager or human resources manager.

All it takes is one error which can set off a chain of problems, resulting in late nights and endless headaches for your team.

Thankfully there’s a better way.

You can now use one system to quickly and accurately manage EVERY payroll task.

This guide explores the following:

  • What is payroll software?
  • Payroll: Outsource or in-house?
  • Why do companies need payroll software?
  • What services does a payroll management solution cover?
  • What features do the best solutions provide?
  • What are the different types of payroll software (integrated vs. standalone)?
  • Benefits of integrated payroll for your business
  • How to choose the best integrated payroll program


Why do Small Businesses Need Payroll Software?

Regardless of your company’s size, you will need an efficient, automated payroll function. Your people are your best resource, so it makes sense to look after them.

This involves:

  • Paying everyone on time and accurately, according to their employment award or agreement.
  • Handling leave requests fairly and promptly.
  • Managing a good review system that rewards staff with commissions and bonuses.

You need these processes to be smooth, fast and accurate, to avoid triggering serious problems.

Up until recently, payroll was a manual and time-consuming process. Fortunately, technology has fixed this. You can now handle multiple tasks using an automated system that saves time and resources.

Payroll management software helps you to pay employees on time, create real-time reports, log hours and review wages – while monitoring data in a transparent way.

The bottom line?

  • Automation processes data in less time than manual methods.
  • Staff are happier because there are no payment delays or errors, and they can easily update their personal information, including bank, tax and superannuation details.
  • The government is also satisfied, because reports are being sent promptly, with no double handling on your part.

All of this translates to a more productive workplace.

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