We know that in small businesses the work never stops. That’s why we have developed the breathing space events to give you the chance to regroup, grow and learn exciting initiatives to create more time to Breathe in your business.

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Take a look at the highlights from our most recent event on the 7 habits of award winning organisations to see how our events can provide you and your business with a bit of breathing space.


The art of employee happiness

We discovered what it really means to create employee happiness within your business and ways that you can ensure your employees stay happy and engaged at work.

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Increasing employee retention & motivation

We teamed up with Plus Accounting to bring you the opportunity to learn more about increasing employee retention & motivation

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7 Habits of Award-Winning Organisations

Neil Scotton and Alister Scott of the One Leadership Project teamed up with us to share the 7 factors which have led to many companies’ success.

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It’s a Zoo Around Here

We joined Stephen Spencer to discover how different communication styles work together within the workplace and how to communicate more effectively within teams.

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