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Breathe is the smart way to manage your HR – with all the tools you need to support your business, together in one place. No more hours lost to menial tasks.

With your new super easy-to-use HR admin platform, you can safely access your staff holiday planner, view and download employee documents, and manage your appraisals and 1-2-1s – wherever you are. And there’s always support on hand to help you get the most out of your new system.


Frequently Asked


How will Breathe help my business?

Aside from Breathe’s time-saving features, the fact that it’s cloud-based is a huge boon for small- to medium-sized businesses. Instead of installing software on each of your user’s computers, Breathe lets your staff access the software from anywhere. It requires no installation, no large up-front payment, and can be up and running in moments.

How is Breathe designed with SMEs in mind?

From the usability of our software to the flexibility of our payment plans, we created Breathe from the ground up to cater for smaller businesses. We’ve also made it easy to get started, erasing the steep learning curve of other HR software on the market.

How secure is my data in Breathe?

We’re committed to keeping your information safe. All data stored in Breathe is compliant with GDPR best practice, and our ISO 27001 compliance certification ensures your private information is always safe and secure.

How much does HR software cost?

Some companies charge small fortunes for their HR software. Breathe is different. Our software starts at just £18 a month. That’s per account, not per employee. See our pricing page for more information.

Why do you need HR software?

If you’ve ever had the pain of searching for a lost document or scouring a busy spreadsheet, you need HR software. It simply centralises all your employee data. HR software also gives power to your people. With it, they can book off holiday, keep up with training, and more – without you needing to hold their hand.

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