People First Culture Series - Wellbeing

We spoke to the employees of SMEs from across the UK to learn about their state of wellbeing.


We surveyed 1264 employees of SMEs from across the UK and teamed up with Lizzie Benton, Company Culture Coach & Founder of Liberty Mind, to dig into the findings and explore what it all means from a company culture perspective.

The state of wellbeing amongst SME employees

Have the stresses and strains of the pandemic left a permanent mark in their world of work? Is hybrid working helping or hindering matters? What wellbeing supports are employees looking for now? This resource will give you fresh insight on all of these areas and much more.

Key insight revealed by our research

  • New patterns of being sick and working through it
  • Working from home is boosting wellbeing, but not for all
  • Wellbeing supports need to go beyond the basics



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Cultivating a culture that addresses current challenges

In this edition, we explore the key trends presented by the findings and delve into what the state of your company culture has to do with it all.

“Workplace wellbeing has too often been referred to as the fluffy stuff in company culture when in reality it takes shifting the ways you're working, which can be the hardest of them all. You have to transform outdated mindsets, and unlearn years of toxic workplace conditioning."

- Lizzie Benton, Company Culture Coach & Founder of Liberty Mind

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