The Sick Report 2017

Pulling a sickie is costing the UK economy £900 million

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Sickness trends for UK small businesses revealed

Absence has a big impact on small companies, but it’s an area that is often overlooked or poorly managed. This isn’t intentional, but it can feel like onerous business admin and, in the wider scheme of things, it can often feel like there are more pressing issues impacting the business.

This edition of the breathing space report series shows that sickness is kicking SMEs where it matters - in the bottom line. The engineroom of the UK economy is facing a costly absence epidemic with more than 7.5 million working days lost in the last year to sickies.

We are facing a conflicted workforce torn between the urge to always be connected and the inevitable human need to switch off. This report shines a light on how absence impacts employees, employers and the wider business ecosystem.

In this report you'll learn:

  • Top reasons why employees throw a 'sickie'
  • Economic impact sickies have on SMEs
  • Effects of an 'always on' culture

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