How to conduct an effective employee appraisal

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Across the board, reviews are uniformly unpopular within many companies. In a recent survey 77% of HR executives said they were dissatisfied with how their company performs reviews and appraisals. Whether you're considering on making a change to your process or not, it's something to think and explore, especially when the goal of an appraisal is to improve the performance of employees and therefore the organisation.

In this guide you'll learn about:

  • The goal of an appraisal, and why do it?
  • How to structure the appraisal around the company goals
  • The 'Three elements' to reviewing performance
  • What's in it for the employee
  • How cloud software like Breathe can help manage your appraisal process

In this guide you'll learn how to:

  • Improve the performance of your employees and your organisation
  • Ensure employee objectives are aligned with, and contribute towards your organisations goals
  • Review employee's with the 'three main elements'

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