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About ForHR Ltd.

ForHR provides HR services & support to SME’s who typically don’t have an HR team or need extra expertise. With ForHR you can have the benefit of a very experienced HR professional when you need one, without having to have one on your payroll. ForHR’s support covers the whole employee lifecycle, from recruitment to termination. You’ll get practical, commercial advice, without having to pay employment lawyer fees. ForHR can provide mediation, independent investigations, coaching for managers/HR & help you to improve business performance. We are experienced in dealing with restructures, redundancies, mergers & acquisitions, TUPE & site closures. ForHR is led by Rosie Forrest, who is strong on employment law, being an Employment Tribunal member & as a former engineer, is numerate & logical.

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Do Breathe offer HR consultancy?

We don’t, however we work with a number of professional HR partners across the UK. Please feel free to find one in your region above.