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About Dynamic Coach

At Dynamic Coach & Dynamic HR Coach, we are driven by improving your revenue streams and profit margins, by improving your people and processes. We recognise that not all businesses operate or go to market in the same way and as such it is imperative that we understand you, your business and your objectives, so we can help you deliver improved shareholder value through increased sales and margin, whilst reducing complexity.

Dynamic HR Coach is founded on a single self-evident principle: that great HR management delivers performance, profitability and business success. Your Virtual HR Director, will work with you to unearth the day-to-day issues that can hold you back and put plans in place to resolve them. Dynamic Coach is driven to improving your revenue streams and profit margins and as such we have developed our sales training and coaching practices with DYNAMIC outcomes in mind, whether that be with set strategies or training to develop individuals or teams.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Do Breathe offer HR consultancy?

We don’t, however we work with a number of professional HR partners across the UK. Please feel free to find one in your region above.