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Does your company have soul?

1 min read  |   21 April, 2020   By Jonathan Richards


Some companies are just different – there’s a buzz about them, they’re clearly more robust, driven and purposeful that their peers. Even in difficult times they seem to have direction – employees know where they’re going, customers know what to expect and the company feels in sync with it’s market. You could call this culture but I’ve recently heard it described as a company having soul.

Great companies understand the importance of building relationships. They start with active and meaningful dialogue across all stakeholders: employees, customers, suppliers, community and investors. Dialogue based on mutual respect leads to clarity; clarity results in shared understanding that builds long term relationships. And soul grows out of deep relationships.

The work of a great leader is to give their company it’s soul. They know it takes time and cant be forced; but more than anything else they know it needs constant nurturing.

What are you doing today to nurture your companies soul?

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