HR, Payroll & Rostering Software that puts people first.

Simple software for small businesses that helps you manage your people the right way.

  • Time-saving HR software
  • STP-compliant Payroll
  • Easy to use Rostering Software
  • Join over 9,000 SMEs globally
  • Free 14-day trial, no credit card needed

Simple software for Aussie small businesses that helps you manage your people the right way.

Manage leave requests in one place Store documents safely in the cloud Plan appraisals and recognise achievements Easy to use employee database with bulk management Easily manage team performance HR Dashboard & Reporting
Compliant employee pay calculations STP reporting and submission Easy 2-step payroll process to pay your employees Easy submission of superannuation contributions Simple dashboard with important payroll insights
Build and share your roster in minutes - not hours Share rostering updates easily within your team Effortlessly record who’s worked and when Approve timesheets instantly & eliminate manual work
Educate your team on important topics Courses, progress & achievements in one secure place Streamline your onboarding process with ready-made courses Access to a range of engaging courses

Everything you need in one place

People, Payroll and Planning – Breathe's complete HR solution is purpose built for Australian small businesses and is available to you in one simple and intuitive platform.


Plans to suit your business

A cost-effective people management solution designed and priced for Aussie small businesses. Build your plan to suit your needs and easily scale as your business grows. Our flexible plans keep you in control. No commitment, cancel anytime.


Easy to set-up and get going

Simple to set-up and get going so you can free up time for what's important. Swap spreadsheets for an easy-to-use online solution that you and your team can access anytime, anywhere and on any device.


Keep your business compliant

Easy, compliant Single Touch Payroll in 2 simple steps. Feel confident that you’re doing the right thing, every time with a payroll platform that's designed specifically with ATO compliance and the needs of Australian small businesses in mind.


The Breathe Challenge

Breathe’s simple people management and payroll solution was created to help Aussie small businesses save time and manage their people the right way. But in these times we recognise a different kind of support is required to help small business get back to business – which is why we’re launching Big for Small.

We hope that this initiative will go a long way to bringing life back into the small business sector.

The premise of the initiative is simple: We’re encouraging our employees to support small businesses – and we’re challenging other big businesses to get involved.

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What our customers say about Breathe Australia

‘User friendly’

The BreatheHR programme is extremely user friendly, which is so important in a busy working environment.

Star Rating Icon Star Rating Icon Star Rating Icon Star Rating Icon Star Rating Icon
— Carole Warren

‘We can all Breathe!’

Very responsive when there's an issue or question. The team find the system easy too! Good value for money.

Star Rating Icon Star Rating Icon Star Rating Icon Star Rating Icon Star Rating Icon
— Howard Law

‘HR service at your fingertips’

It is easy to set up, navigate and self-explanatory. The service esp. the help feature is great.

Star Rating Icon Star Rating Icon Star Rating Icon Star Rating Icon Star Rating Icon
— Bilwa Iyer
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