Supporting local charities is something we are really passionate about here at Breathe, and is something we’ve strived to do in many different ways since we set out as a business over 6 years ago.

And, with the new year comes a new and exciting charity partnership – we’re delighted to be supporting local young people’s charity ESTEEM from 2019 onwards.

We’re very excited to be announcing this fantastic news and in this blog post we’ll be telling you about who ESTEEM are, the wonderful work they do and why we have chosen to support them from 2019 onwards.

Who are ESTEEM?

Sussex-based charity ESTEEM offers young adults between the ages of 14-26 opportunities to develop confidence, build life skills and better their wellbeing.

The charity delivers this by offering relevant volunteering experience throughout the organisation itself and a safe and supportive environment to learn and develop in. Throughout a young person’s experience with ESTEEM, endless support is provided through one-to-one mentoring and training, meaning young adults are given the help they need to identify their goals and make the transition into employment or further training with ease.

You can find out more about the great work ESTEEM do here

Why has Breathe chosen to support ESTEEM?

On visiting the charity for the first time, it was clear to Breathe CEO Jonathan Richards that ESTEEM and Breathe are a perfect match, particularly when it comes to values.

“We're really excited to start supporting the great work that Esteem do to help young adults across Sussex.” Says Jonathan.

“When I launched Breathe 6 years ago I wanted to find ways for us to take an active part in the local community.  One way we do this is to make a fixed donation to a local charity for every new customer that signs up for a Breathe subscription - the more successful we are, the more we donate.  We decided to support Esteem because the work they do aligns perfectly with our values and I'm looking forward to building a long relationship.”

The support that ESTEEM provides to young people is absolutely free, yet the expenses are staggering. It costs around £100,000 per year to run ESTEEM, with twice weekly workshops costing £675, each crisis prevention or counselling session costing between £20-25 and well-being workshops for 8 young adults costing £60 each. These workshops cover crucial topics such as dealing with conflict, anger management and coping with grief and are of immense importance to young adults.

With a donation going to ESTEEM for each new Breathe account that’s activated and over £13,000 raised for charity in 2018, we hope to raise a fantastic amount of money for the charity to benefit and support young people as well as continue to give something back to the local community. 

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