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Increasing employee

retention and motivation

with Plus Accounting

  • Are you wondering how to keep your indispensable staff?
  • Are you aware of the ways to retain your current employees?
  • How can flexible working apply to you and your business?
  • Does HR give you a headache? We look at some cost effective software to help you
  • Ways to reward your staff, including the Enterprise Management Incentive Scheme

We teamed up with Brighton based chartered accountants, Plus Accounting, to offer a workshop on increasing employee retention and motivation.

breatheHR CEO, Jonathan Richards, kicked off proceedings with his thoughts and opinions on ways that he attempts to ensure employees remain engaged and motivated within his company.

Increasing employee retention and motivation with plus accounting

What creates engagement?

Jonathan identified four key ingredients of a happier, more motivated and more productive workforce:

  • leaders with a vision who value how individuals contribute
  • line managers who empower rather than control their staff
  • values that are lived and not just spoken, leading to a sense of trust and integrity
  • employees who have the chance to voice their views and concerns

How you achieve the above and by what means are all determined, of course, by the size of your company and at what stage of growth your company is currently situated. However, one of his key pieces of advice is to invest in yourself. As a leader of any kind, it is important that you take the time for yourself to think and ensure that you understand the value of your time.

Paul Feist, Managing Director, Plus Accounting then went on to discuss EMI Schemes (Enterprise Management Incentive Schemes) and how these tax efficient schemes can help engage and motivate employees when used appropriately. EMI schemes are share option schemes that can be offered to key employees, which for a growing company is a key way to incentivise and retain employees by enabling them to receive the benefit of the increasing value of their employer company.

Take a look at the resources and presentation slides used during the event using the links below: