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One Leadership Project

Have you ever wondered what it is that makes some businesses, organisations and ventures so exceptional?

One Leadership Project have.

One Leadership Project are all about making big change possible. They enable you to do your best thinking, clarify the strategy, convene the right people and work brilliantly together towards a shared endeavour. They help you create the dialogue, build the engagement, support the agents of change and evolve the culture needed. Their goal is to make one billion positive impacts by 2020.




So, starting in 2004, they have been researching the stories of award winners; from those recognised as great places to work, to those making a big impact in the world, to those recognised for developing their people, and more.

What has emerged are 7 habits that they just keep seeing again and again. Neil Scotton, MD of One Leadership Project presented his findings of the habits and how businesses can use them to make great places to work.

Neil identified the 7 habits as being:

  1. Purpose
  2. Significance
  3. Belonging
  4. Reward and recognition
  5. Health and wellbeing
  6. Potential and growth
  7. Trust and responsibility

Neil placed emphasis on the fact that not all businesses should be expected to score highly in all elements of the 7 habits as some activities score in many areas. For example, involving your people in the business vision and planning the future can score in building trust, purpose, significance, belonging and potential and growth.

There needs to be alignment. For example, an individual’s sense of purpose needs to align with their team’s sense of purpose,
and that needs to align with the organisation’s sense of purpose.

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