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"It's a zoo around here"

Essential training to improve the way your team communicates

Effective communication is key to the success of your business

Much of your time is spent communicating so it is vital that you get it right


Your messages need to be clear and reach their target. Nothing should get ‘lost in translation’.


You have to build relationships with employees, customers & suppliers to increase productivity.


You need to attract new customers, help them trust you and leave them feeling nurtured.

This workshop is for leaders, managers, HR professionals & teams

Organisations function better when communication flows. Understanding how to communicate effectively will help you increase engagement and build better, more productive relationships.

During this workshop, Stephen Spencer, co-author of It’s a zoo around herewill help you and your team become zookeepers by identifying different communication styles to tame the way you communicate and dramatically improve your communication outcomes.


Using a unique and fun framework, you’ll learn how to recognise different personality types in your workplace and understand their communication preferences. In doing so, you will be able to breathe easy knowing that your teams are communicating effectively with each other and with their customers. Find out what animals are in your workplace zoo when you book a place for you and your team today!

Find out what animal you are in the workplace zoo!




Workshop led by Stephen Spencer

Stephen’s programme “It’s a Zoo Around Here” has transformed the way teams communicate with each other and with their customers.

Stephen Spencer

Stephen has worked for or with many of the UK’s most prestigious retail, tourism and hospitality brands, including the Royal Collection, Historic Royal Palaces, the National Trust for Scotland, Hamleys, The O2 and the Science Museum Group. He has led, developed and facilitated hundreds of profitable customer experiences, delighting over 30 million customers along the way!

You can get a copy of Stephen’s book ‘It’s a zoo around here’ online and copies will also be available at the event.